Back to Base Office Strip-outs that rejuvenate a tired Commercial Property

Article co-authored by Andrew McDonald, Perth Demolition Company

You may be a landlord who wishes to capitalise on updating your commercial property to improve rental rates or occupation.  


A commercial strip-out by an experienced demolition company can turn a tired commercial property into a modern office or warehouse space that puts you in a better financial position in the future.

So you have your eyes on a commercial property to start your business in but it looks tired and needs a revamp.  One of your options is to strip the office interior back to base, which means removing internal partitions, old work areas, furniture, cabinets and perhaps doing some structural demolition of brick walls and glass.


The benefits of going down this path is that you can transform a tired commercial property into a totally new office layout and presentation that suits your business profile and customer base, and is less costly in the long run compared to higher priced commercial property leasing.


You may be a landlord who wishes to capitalise on updating your commercial property to improve rental rates or occupation.  Another option for commercial property owners is to demolish old warehouses and factories to make way for modern structures that will put you in a better financial position in the future.


So what’s involved in a commercial strip-out?

Firstly if you are the lease holder, then getting approval from the landlord to make any changes to the property is the obvious first step.  Getting some quotes from reliable and experienced demolition contractors is the next step.


When choosing a demolition contractor, look for depth of experience in the industry, positive referrals and competitive pricing.  Ideally you will want a contractor who is going to look after the whole process for you including removal of any site rubble in an environmentally friendly way.


The extent of the commercial strip-out is dependent on what you want done.  A demolition company can come in and safely remove internal partitions, brick, glass and concrete walls without compromising surrounding structures and the property in general.


You may just want old office furniture removed, work spaces, shelving and cabinets dismantled so an office is brought back to basics and you can refurbish in a style that better suits your business.

If a demolition company has a green recycling program like the Perth Demolition Company then they will manually remove any salvageable building materials which are recycled through local salvage yards.  Good for you and good for the environment.


Dependent on the level of change, you may need council planning approval to make structural changes and your demolition contractor or local council should be able to advise you on this.

Recycling Friendly Demolition


Warehouse Strip-outs and Factory Demolitions

Sometimes it makes more sense to completely strip-out the interior of a warehouse to make it useable and more in tune with your business needs or to attract new commercial tenants.


A demolition company can do a structural demolition of all concrete, brick and block structures and leave the warehouse shell for refurbishment.  Alternatively the whole warehouse can be dismantled or factory demolished to make way for commercial redevelopment on the site.  Any hazardous material including asbestos is removed by the demolition contractor and all site rubble is cleared and salvageable materials recycled.


This type of demolition will require a demolition licence approved and issued by your local council before any demolition work can begin.  An experienced demolition contractor can handle this for you including disconnection of services to the site.  The property will need to be vacant before the application for demolition is made, rodent baiting is required and completed usually by the demolition company and utility services sealed or disconnected before the council will issue a licence.


Working in an ecological way for you and the Environment


When undertaking a commercial strip-out or demolition project protecting the environment from unnecessary landfill is important.  When choosing a demolition contractor find one who has a sustainable green recycling program.


Ideally like the Perth Demolition Company they will recycle 90% of the building materials and demolition rubble which significantly reduces the amount of landfill dumped and is better for the environment.  Generally any building materials in good condition such as doors, timber, windows, bricks and roof tiles can be salvaged and recycled.  Timber that is not in good condition is converted into mulch and any broken bricks or concrete can be crushed and recycled as road base.


A win-win for you and the environment, you get the chance to revamp a tired commercial property and make it a better fit for your business or commercial tenants and can do it in an environmentally friendly way that’s ecological.

Author Biography/Resources:

This article was co-authored with Andrew McDonald who has 32 years’ experience in residential and commercial demolition in Perth, Western Australia and is the Director of the Perth Demolition Company.  Andrew has experience in all aspects of demolition including house demolitions, office strip-outs, commercial strip-outs and structural demolition, backyard cleanouts for sub-division purposes, excavation, asbestos removal, salvage and setting up green recycling programs.