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Recycling Friendly Demolition

Recycling Friendly Demolition

House Demolition
House Demolition Perth

With 32 years experience in the demolition industry, Perth Demolition Company know every aspect of demolition.  Servicing all suburbs in the Perth metro area.


We take care of everything for you including demolition application and licence approval with the local council, disconnection of services to the site, site clearance and removal of rubble in an environmentally friendly way as part of our green recycling program.

Commercial Strip-Outs
Office Strip-outs Perth

Need an office or commercial property stripped out?  Perth Demolition Company can help you with the internal strip out and removal of furniture, cabinets, shelving and work areas.

Our services include the dismantling and structural demolition of partitions, brick, glass and concrete walls on commercial and industrial properties.  We also specialise in the safe removal of asbestos and factory demolitions.

Backyard Cleanouts
Backyard Cleanouts for subdivision Perth

Thinking of sub-dividing your property?  Perth Demolition Company can clear your backyard site and get it checked and ready for council sub-divison inspection in preparation for  earthworks to commence.


All backyard cleanouts are completed to suit council approvals so you can be assured that 'no callbacks' will be required for our services.  Full removal of site rubble with environmentally friendly recycling of waste materials.