Demolition Articles 

Here you will find some handy articles on demolition by the Perth Demolition Company for home renovators, investors and commercial property owners on residential and commecial demolition.  Click on the 'Read More' button to view the full article. 

Recycling Friendly Demolition Perth


Step by Step Guide to House Demolition for Renovators and Investors

This article looks at what's involved in getting a house demolished and what you need to do to get council approval.  Find out how to get a demolition licence and the conditions that need to be met for demolition to start.  To read the full story, click on the button below.

Back to Base Office Strip-outs that rejuvenate a tired Commercial Property

You may be a landlord who wishes to capitalise on updating your commercial property to improve rental rates or occupation.  A commercial strip-out by an experienced demolition company can turn a tired commercial property into a modern office or warehouse space that puts y ou in a better financial position in the future.

How to set up a Recycling Friendly Demolition Program

With a rising trend in demolishing houses to make way for smaller lot housing in inner city suburbs and backyard sub-divisions an effective way to manage the recycling of demolition waste products needs to be found.  This article looks at how to set up a green recycling program that minimises unwanted landfill and protects our environment.